Different Theatre Genres

Theatre shows are not always the same. They contain different types of genres that you can watch to your liking. You can watch those genres that will make your roll on the floor laughing or will have you end up in tears.

These are the different genres that are presented in theatres:


This type of theatre shows features rudimentary people and their basic ways of life. Actors/Actresses portray people that brings amusement to the general audience. It can either be in the form of mockery of modern day situation of people. Generally, this show is featured to bring humor and to amuse the audience.


Tragedies are theatrical shows that bring grief to the audience through the death of a hero or the main character of the story. A situation where the character is backed up in the corner with no means of escape but death. The ending will always be sorrowful as death for the hero will always exist.


This can be a story for ordinary people having conflicts with different aspects. It can either be human or nature. These type of shows bring the thrill to the stage as it brings unexpected scene. Usually, actors and actresses portray their character with dialogues.

Performance Art

Featured shows that are intended for the general public, it usually comprises of varied display like dances, singing, and theatre all of the same time.


Circuses are also performed on stage, performances that include clown, acrobatic, and enigmatic performances that you have never seen before. High-flying maneuvers that will bring delight and amazement to the general audiences.

Well, these are some of the shows that you can watch in theatre stages, some are intended for general audiences and some are restricted to adults only. Watch the next show in theatres near you and enjoy!