Theatre Stage

Have you ever been to a theatre show? Where they show live actions, musicals, and dramas? Then you already know the big platform that the actors are on. All theatre shows are hosted and performed on stages. But did you know that there are different types of stages. In this article, you will know the stages that the performers or actors showcase their talents.

Platform Stages

Undoubtedly one of the simplest stages that are used in theatres, this consists of a platform in rectangular shaped and is usually stuck in a certain wall or end of a room. This in only open and with no curtains present.

Arena Stages

These stages are used for large scale shows and usually a located in the middle of a stadium surrounded by various seats to be vacated by audiences.

Theatres in-the-round

Similar to the arena stage, this stage is also surrounded by the audience. An open kind of stage that is free from obstructions or if props are required, they are strategically placed, so it does not block the view of the audience. Performers enter by using the walkways amid the seats of the audience.

Proscenium Stages

This stage contains the proscenium arch and a stage filled with enough space for performers. This kind of stages has allocated space or area for an orchestra. These are where large scale musicals, drama, or play are showcased. The area for the audiences is located in front of the stage and some at the side of the stage that is a bit elevated. Not only has it included an area for orchestra it also has an area for lighting and other stage necessity.

Open-Air Theatres

Stages that has no covering, hence the name, usually the covered portion is the audience area only. This kind of stages utilizes natural props and lighting.

These are some of the types of stages that are used in different plays, drama or musical. Next time you go to a theatre show, you will already know what type of stage the performers are using.