There are different shows that you can watch either live or on the air. These shows contain various genres that can bring both joy and sorrow to you. But have you experienced that overall feeling of being part of the show? Were you able to watch it first hand? You can feel those in the cinemas, but the real ecstatic feeling that you would want to feel is in theatres.

But what is the theatre? It is an exceptional work of art that is composed of stages, actors or actresses, staff, and props. Theatrical performances are performed live to the enjoyment of the audience and through their actors and actresses. All of the happenings on stage are guided by their ringmaster or called the director.

The director knows everything and guides everything to their proper places and acts. Simply for the show to be a hit. But where did you think the theatre originated?

Theatre was rooted in ancient Greece where Greeks perform different genres, from the range of dramas to comedies. Nowadays, different shows are performed in theatres that bring this certain feeling of excitement to the spectators.

In our society today, musical or operas that are performed on stage and considered as a theatre. They have the complete elements to be classified as a theatre. Having professional actors and actresses, high-end technologies, and quality props that make the overall show a big hit to the audience.

But various shows and acts can be performed on stage it’s just that through the progress of time, the process of theatrical shows have also advanced and are now up to date.

So if you want to feel that unique feeling of euphoria and want to get out of the ordinary, how about indulging yourself in theatre? Or maybe become a part of the theatre. You never know maybe theatre is your calling!